lolita guevarra


Lolita Enriquez-Guevarra

NC LMBT #16083

Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork
525 Hours | June 2016

Milne Institute Visionary Craniosacral Work
C1, C2, C3, Brain Class  |  2016 - Present  

Freelance Journalist/ Managing Editor/ Marketing Manager

Stanford University Press & University of California Press, Hoover Institution


I became enamored with all things French after reading an article in GQ written by a woman. I was thirteen when the writer wrote of her summer in the south of France with her boyfriend. Together they traveled by foot from one town to the next. She and her beau fell asleep underneath a tree after eating cheese and drinking wine; I was forever besotted with that scene.

The simple yet beautiful experience shaped my idea of  rest. Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week, filled with memories of its slower pace and the anticipation of the brunch du jour.

I graduated from massage school in Kauai and through extensive training in both connective tissue and psychosomatic counseling, I am able to address and hold space for clients when encountering physically and emotionally sensitive areas. My specialized training allows me to focus and respond intently to your body's needs —slower in tight areas, fluid movements in more supple surfaces, and applying held pressure where needed. Together, we will discover and establish bodywork treatments for chronic pain, injuries or post-surgical symptoms. In booking an advanced appointment, you have already begun prioritizing self-care, signaling to your brain "to ready itself for rest." The body has begun shifting and continues to do so as you enter my reception area filled with plants, helping calm your nervous system and allowing me to work more efficiently during our session. My private studio becomes your sanctuary free of distraction and stimuli.

Massage therapy has helped me refined my skills of listening having worked as a journalist whilst living in Vietnam; I explored the region working as a freelance journalist, as well as a marketing manager for a Russo-Euro tour operator in Vietnam. I studied the nuance of luxury and boutique hotels, developing a palette for detail and decor and appreciating the personal touches of hotel owners in creating a unique and tailored experience for their guests.

Dimanche Thèrapie is a sanctuary, a peaceful escape designed with the intention of rest and solitude. Absent are the presence of other clients and the bustle of a salon to provide you a private meditative session.

Massage is my medium in which I hope to provide you a time to slow down, bring awareness to what is being felt, and listen to what your body has to say.


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