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Lolita Guevarra uses craniosacral, deep tissue (connective tissue therapy), NMT and Hawaiian Lomi lomi modalities when addressing her clients' needs. She also offers Thai chair massages Tuesday and Thursday. Massage therapy can help ease the pain experienced in PTSD, past and recent trauma, migraines, chronic pain, sciatica and post-surgical symptoms. Serving the Wilmington, Mayfaire, Ogden, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach area.



60 min/ $90
75 min/ $105
90 min/ $120


Applying just about a dime’s weight, 5 ounces, of pressure on the cranium and long holds along the body, engages the body into stillness, where the practitioner can identify movement of inertia or congestion and thus apply appropriate soft palpable therapy.  It's through the spinal fluid that helps align the body, moving in a rhythmic fluid motion. The cranium connected to the sacrum via the spinal column is surrounded by the cerebral spinal fluid and nervous system all working to disseminate the cranial wave throughout the body for optimal operation. A very meditative practice allowing the client to rest and reset its bodies nervous system. Helpful with people suffering from migraines, sciatica, PTSD, post-surgical symptoms and both physical and emotional trauma.


Deep Tissue/Connective Tissue Therapy/NMT

60 min/ $90
75 min/ $105
90 min/ $120
Add hot stone, + $10

All structures in the body are surrounded, protected and supported by connective tissue. The skeletal and soft tissues like muscles, tendons and organs are connected, bound and compartmentalized by this continuous sheath. Deep tissue massage focuses on lengthening and manipulating the fascia with medium to deep pressure with long strokes returning the tissue to its natural state. Using developed tactile and kinesthetic awareness, neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is complimentary to deep tissue massage in that tightly bound fascia or “knots” would be addressed.


Lomi lomi is the traditional Hawaiian massage using continuous flowing strokes along the body. Experience having more than one part of the body massaged at a time with pressure from forearms. All Lomi lomi massages come with complimentary hot stone on the back and neck unless otherwise advised. The pace changes throughout the massage, leaving the client unaware where the next movement will be, resulting in the client to give in, relax and simply be.

Lomi lomi

60 min/ $90
75 min/ $105
90 min/ $120




Thai Chair Massage

Wednesday @ Tidal Creek Coop

11 am -2 pm

Onsite Corporate Massage Available

Available on Wednesdays at Tidal Creek Coop, come in during your work day for a Thai chair massage. This is a wonderful reset for office workers who are typically sedentary and could use stretching to help alleviate shoulder stress and bring relief to headache and migraine pain. Also available is onsite corporate events, great for holiday annual parties, customer appreciation promotions and celebrations.


Dry brushing aids the lymphatic system to balance bodily fluid levels and the body's defense against infections. With lymph vessels located just below the skin's surface, the circular motion of the brush along your body helps the lymph flow run smoothly and rid the body of waste and toxins. The exfoliation of dead skin cells leaves your skin soft and radiant. Add this feature with Lomi lomi and experience how silky your skin lasts with hot stone and coconut oil!

Dry Brushing

Full Body $30



An extensive evaluation of your medical history, including accidents, surgeries, injuries, chronic pain and any recent or past personal challenges that may have caused your body to compensate for the setbacks. The session will also include stretching and meditation practices to help your body move with more ease and lower stress.


30 min/ $30