"Because I acted as academic dean in two different locations for a college that had one of the best massage therapy programs in Florida, I evaluated massage therapists at every level of their training process.  We offered all types of massage at the colleges, including Swedish, deep muscle, aromatherapy, hot stone, reflexology, and Thai.  During the years, I received 3-5 massages weekly from both instructors and students, thus I learned how to recognize a good massage and how to voice what I needed from a massage therapist.
     Lolita Guevarra’s skills in Lomi-Lomi massage are excellent – just the right amount of pressure and good long strokes.  Her deep tissue massage varies from very deep to moderate, and I can take an hour-long massage without feeling sore afterward.  I do believe that her skills excel in Thai massage, and the cranio-sacral techniques she uses are different from anything else I’ve experienced.

     She always asks whether I’m comfortable (both the heat of the room, as well as with her skills), is adept at varied styles of massage and receptive to feedback during the massage session, and she constantly adds to her repertoire.  She is most interested in keeping her client satisfied and her compassion matches the skill of her hands.  I love having a massage done by Lolita!" — Dawn Reno Langley


"I suffered an injury in the lower back twenty-five years ago, and have been to many massage therapist over the years.  This time, I didn't get just a massage, it was a therapeutic experience in a carefully created environment filled with sensory information focused on healing my back and mind.  The experience was flawless and individualized.  There were no hot stones or deep tissue work, but my lower back has not bother me since then.  I can’t wait to schedule another appointment. Thank you, Lolita. Thank you indeed." — William





"When you put yourself in Lolita's capable and caring hands you are in a for a treat, or perhaps I should say retreat. She has a way of connecting to what needs attention in your body and soul and helping you move painful and stuck energy out in a most gentle and healing way. The most relaxing massage and energy treatment I have ever had!" — Stephanie L.


"Lolita was superb. Her technique was refreshing and uplifting. I certainly left feeling 10 times better than when I arrived. I would return and recommend her to anyone." —James Hutson


"My Lomi Lomi session with Lolita was a dream!  Before starting the massage, she took great care in understanding my symptoms and problem areas while also taking into consideration how my lifestyle plays a role in my physical health.  During the massage Lolita made sure to check in with me while also allowing me to fully enjoy the experience.  The continuous flow of her strokes combined with the perfect pressure allowed my body to both relax and rejuvenate.  I left the session feeling extremely grounded and peaceful, and felt the lasting effects of the bodywork far into the future.  I will definitely be visiting Lolita again!"  —Tara Mortimer Peloquin